The Beginning

22 Jul
Giant Mountain - Adirondacks, NY

Giant Mountain – Adirondacks, NY

Hello everyone, welcome to my new site The Countless Wandering. The whole idea behind this is to have a place to share Kayley and I’s experiences through photos we take along the way. As some of you may know we enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s camping, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, or just walking around a new town, documenting these adventures has always been something we just like doing. Taking pictures has always been a hidden hobby of mine, it’s awesome how a couple of pictures can tell a whole story or create a sort of wonderment. As I’m sure we all know of social media as a great tool for one to share their personal experiences and connect with others, I just felt they could never capture those moments as realistically as I would like, along with having this feeling that once your photo is liked, it’s forgotten about and lost forever. This domain is going to that place where I can hopefully bring our adventures to life not only for us but for others who are interested as well. Also, over the next year, we are going to be starting the process of van life, and would love to share our trials and tribulations along the way. We are busy people and I will try to update this thing as much as possible and I will make mistakes throughout the process (As I am still a newbie to WordPress), but hang on for the ride and I’m sure we will show you a cool thing or two 😉