Civic Day Wanderings

4 Aug

Since Kayley and I both had the privilege of having Holiday Monday free from the constraints of employment, we decided to get out of the house and do a little adventuring.

Our first stop was at the Bonnechere Caves in Eganville, Ontario.

That's the smile of FEAR!

That’s the smile of FEAR!

I have always had this weird obsession with cave exploration, it’s most likely a result of my parents introducing me to many of the famous caves along the east coast as a child, or the feeling of exploring the unknown, either way, they are cool as hell!!

The tour starts out quite mellow, there are nice wooden steps, it’s wide and bright inside, not really what I was expecting but it provided Kayley some initial comfort (She’s claustrophobic, and you be might asking yourself, why would a claustrophobic girl explore a cave? Well, she’s a badass, duhhh).

The plunge into darkness.

The plunge into darkness.

I made her go first! haha

I made her go first! haha

Unfortunately, most of the cave was barely lit, so taking photos was a challenge in itself. All the cave walls were dripping wet, the cold air down below was a nice change from the humid weather outside, there were giant spiders all above us and the walls started caving (see what I did there) in the farther you got. Now this was the kind of cave adventuring I was hoping for!


At one point, we had the chance to crawl through this corridor that was so tight we legitimately had to crawl on our hands and knees through cave water. It was crazy to think the original explorers in the early 1900’s had done this with virtually no light and direction!

A Bat's paradise...

A Bat’s paradise…

That light

That picture you see above, it was Kayley tucking herself away in this little crevasse, but immediately after I took the photo, that light went out, leaving us practically in pure darkness, coincidence, I think not. Probably the house ghost playing with our emotions….haha.

The tour was over before it started. We both had this expectation that it would be a lot gnarlier than it was, but then again, it was 10 bucks each, so all in all it was worth it.

Fern Gully.

Fern Gully.

On the way back to Ottawa, we decided to make a couple necessary stops. I had the urge to scope out this fishing spot I’ve been eyeing down for some time now just outside Calabogie. Not only did it look like a jackpot spot but the view was just as sweet, this area of the Ottawa Valley never fails to impress.

Caught hard in thought thinking about the heaps of fish I'm going to snag.

Caught hard in thought thinking about the heaps of fish I’m going to snag.

To top of the day, we met up with our good homie Arija in her hometown of Arnprior to grab a pint, which turned into its own adventure. Everything was CLOSED!! Our search for a cold pint was growing thin, but then Arija luckily remembered the golf course she’s gainfully employed at was open till 6pm and my Jeep’s clock read 4:56pm, PERFECT! We rushed over, sat down, and got what we were longing for. Nothing like a great beer, chatting about tattoos, camping, life dreams and just whatever to end an awesome day!


Whistling Paddler from Whitewater Brewery, it's highly recommended!

Whistling Paddler from Whitewater Brewery, it’s highly recommended!

The Big Easy Float

27 Jul

Kayley and I decided that after a long night of drinking and celebrations (Friend’s wedding) that it would be a good idea to paddle down the Big East River, which is no farther than 10 minutes from her mom’s place in Huntsville, Ontario. The river hugs Arrowhead Provincial Park and features a variety of really sweet bends, flows and landmarks.


The heat was definitely pumping today, I mean least it wasn’t Ottawa humid (which is impossible to get used to) but it made us work for each and every paddle. Although, it had many sections that took the load off and allowed us to layback, float and take in the scenes.


Also, the river is filled with these rad sand dune beaches around almost every bend, providing the best destination to grab a drink, take a dip, catch some rays and recharge before getting back at it!


Further down the big easy are these super cool cliffs that really give you an idea of how beautiful and powerful nature is! (Kay and I’s inner kid-selves were telling us to climb up and roll down, regardless of how gnarly that would be haha)


So, at this point we had been paddling for probably just over 2 hours, and the mid-afternoon heat was setting in, and what appears?! low water…dammit. The last thing we wanted was to have to carry the canoe for the remainder of the float, some may say that would be a good workout, I say that’s heat stroke waiting to happen. The river was pretty low for this time of the year due to the lack of rain we’ve seen thus far this summer but luckily enough, the low water didn’t last for long!

I swear I didn't make her do all the work ;)

I swear I didn’t make her do all the work 😉

The rest of the paddle was mellow, it gave us some time to chat, check out the cottages/homes on the river side and just straight up relax. 3 and half hours later we were at the finish line, sun touched and stoked on the day.

The best paddling partner a guy could ask for! Thanks Kay!

The best paddling partner a guy could ask for! Thanks Kay!

And yah, we grabbed some fish tacos lakeside after, we thought they were well deserved! Couldn’t ask for a better Sunday!

If you don't like fish tacos then well you're just missing out!

If you don’t like fish tacos then well you’re just missing out!