K2 Cool Bean

1 Feb

Snowboarding grabbed its roots from surfing, with the art of turning and laying back into a big heelside turn in white wave. Although somewhere into the late nineties and early 2000s, snowboarding stepped away from it’s roots and became focused on different camber profiles and what was going to allow you to spin uncontrollably fast. But, thankfully within the last couple years, the community has found it’s roots yet again with the resurgence of powder boards with funky, surf shapes, promoting the idea that snowboarding is about having fun and enjoying every turn, not gymnastic air tricks (But hey, if you’re into that, I’m just happy your snowboarding).

K2 has been leading the charge into this resurgence of powder surfing, most importantly with the Cool Bean. With it’s stubby, fish tail shape, turning in the deep stuff is effortless. The massive rocker (Tweekend) in the nose gives the perfect amount of float in any amount of snow, the board holds up super well railing edge to edge and just enough flex, allowing you to pop over whatever you can find out there. And if it’s a groomer day, the board is just as enjoyable. It does a rad job at giving you the chance to get big, hard charging turns in as well as turning heads as you rip it off mellow kickers in the park. I highly recommend adding this board to your quiver regardless of where you ride.

Gettin’ some!


Dropping into the good stuff (Mt Baker, WA)

STOKED! (Whistler, BC)

Dropping in! (Whistler, BC)

Time to enter the white wave (Revelstoke, BC)

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