The Big Easy Float

27 Jul

Kayley and I decided that after a long night of drinking and celebrations (Friend’s wedding) that it would be a good idea to paddle down the Big East River, which is no farther than 10 minutes from her mom’s place in Huntsville, Ontario. The river hugs Arrowhead Provincial Park and features a variety of really sweet bends, flows and landmarks.


The heat was definitely pumping today, I mean least it wasn’t Ottawa humid (which is impossible to get used to) but it made us work for each and every paddle. Although, it had many sections that took the load off and allowed us to layback, float and take in the scenes.


Also, the river is filled with these rad sand dune beaches around almost every bend, providing the best destination to grab a drink, take a dip, catch some rays and recharge before getting back at it!


Further down the big easy are these super cool cliffs that really give you an idea of how beautiful and powerful nature is! (Kay and I’s inner kid-selves were telling us to climb up and roll down, regardless of how gnarly that would be haha)


So, at this point we had been paddling for probably just over 2 hours, and the mid-afternoon heat was setting in, and what appears?! low water…dammit. The last thing we wanted was to have to carry the canoe for the remainder of the float, some may say that would be a good workout, I say that’s heat stroke waiting to happen. The river was pretty low for this time of the year due to the lack of rain we’ve seen thus far this summer but luckily enough, the low water didn’t last for long!

I swear I didn't make her do all the work ;)

I swear I didn’t make her do all the work 😉

The rest of the paddle was mellow, it gave us some time to chat, check out the cottages/homes on the river side and just straight up relax. 3 and half hours later we were at the finish line, sun touched and stoked on the day.

The best paddling partner a guy could ask for! Thanks Kay!

The best paddling partner a guy could ask for! Thanks Kay!

And yah, we grabbed some fish tacos lakeside after, we thought they were well deserved! Couldn’t ask for a better Sunday!

If you don't like fish tacos then well you're just missing out!

If you don’t like fish tacos then well you’re just missing out!

The Beginning

22 Jul
Giant Mountain - Adirondacks, NY

Giant Mountain – Adirondacks, NY

Hello everyone, welcome to my new site The Countless Wandering. The whole idea behind this is to have a place to share Kayley and I’s experiences through photos we take along the way. As some of you may know we enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s camping, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, or just walking around a new town, documenting these adventures has always been something we just like doing. Taking pictures has always been a hidden hobby of mine, it’s awesome how a couple of pictures can tell a whole story or create a sort of wonderment. As I’m sure we all know of social media as a great tool for one to share their personal experiences and connect with others, I just felt they could never capture those moments as realistically as I would like, along with having this feeling that once your photo is liked, it’s forgotten about and lost forever. This domain is going to that place where I can hopefully bring our adventures to life not only for us but for others who are interested as well. Also, over the next year, we are going to be starting the process of van life, and would love to share our trials and tribulations along the way. We are busy people and I will try to update this thing as much as possible and I will make mistakes throughout the process (As I am still a newbie to WordPress), but hang on for the ride and I’m sure we will show you a cool thing or two 😉